Weather Forecaster Statistics

As a coder, one sometimes wonders if anybody uses your online service. Therefore, when Weather Forecaster went online on this site, I put a simple statistics collector for the ‘spell castings’ of it. Here are the results for year 2013, and it clearly shows that there are some users.
Forecasts 2013
Note, that no data is collected about the actual users. So there is no data of how many unique users there are, or where they hail from. I am happy, if there is even one user!

Weather Forecasting with mountain altitudes and warm/cold sea currents

Fast updates seem to be the norm on this summer vacation! Thanks, kids being so old and not requiring my attention all the time. So, the Greyhawk weather forecaster has been updated from 1.3.0 -> 1.5.0.

  • This time Mountain elevations can be defined by the user, from the years old default of 3000 feet. This was actual request by a user!
  • The missing sea and seacoast warm/cold current distinction to the forecast is no longer overlooked.
  • Showing the latitude map of Flanaess got uplifted into this century.
  • Relocated the Average temperature column between high and low columns.
  • Changed Heavy Fog -> Thick Fog, and Light Fog -> Thin Fog, being more descriptive.

Weather Forecasting with descriptive temperatures

Updated the Greyhawk weather forecaster (1.2.0 -> 1.3.0) to use descriptive temperature ranges to ease gamemasters  description of the weather, and to have some quick clue of the effects it might have. The descriptive temperatures are based on ranges found on Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Rules Compendium, and from where the compilation of effects (rules wise) can be checked if D&D 3.5 d20 rules are used.

Also, there is a new temperature column option named ‘Average’ to be shown in the forecast. It is ment to those who does not like knowing low and high temperatures, or to those who want to know the average temperature of low and high temperatures without calculating it.