FFG’s Star Wars Roleplaying game

Bought it yesterday, and quickly skimmed it through today. Nice big pictures, with ffgswbbproduction values in place (price 30€ here in Finland). It feels like Star Wars, which is good. Clear instructions what to read and when – good again. Easily craspable concepts, superb!

However, the game uses special game dices of various sizes without numbers. Instead those have special Star Wars “language?” symbols on colored dice. Nothing wrong there, because mechanics should be easy and no calculation skills required by the player, and should promote the story driven methodology, than minmaxer’s wet dream of accounting.

But how on Earth to get players to invest 12€ to dice, which can be used only with this game? Most people I know it is not actually issue of money, but a principle. And how the,  heck gamemaster (or the one who runs the game) can differentiate easily the dice in his/her own adventure notes? Beginner’s Game itself uses colored images in the middle of text to tell what dice to throw. This remains to be seen.


This game needs really to be playtested.