Gods & Kings

Just started playing the latest Civilization V  – Gods & Kings expansion. Nothing much yet to say, other than the faith system seems to be very interesting and the game seems to run more smoothly than before.

I started to play with the new Ruler Gustavus Adolphus (Kustaa Aadolf, as we finns would call him) – the Swedes. Also I am trying to be less aggressive than before, and the changes to the diplomacy system seems to support it!

I got also my copy of the Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying Game -the hardbook edition. It is bigger and heftier than I expected. I was very positively dumbfound that it used metric system instead of the imperial standards. Didn’t expected that one. The book seems promising indeed, but lots of reading to do. Yes, this is what I do, I collect roleplaying game books.