iPad for the family

I ordered our first iPad (16GB + wifi + 3g) on Wednesday, and it was delivered directly to home on Friday! Within two days, which is awesome. However, the pink iPad Smart Cover was not. I hope it will be delivered on Monday, or my customer experience with Apple plummets from the sky. And I need to start to do some customer service calls, which I hate.

The problem is that there were no notifications that those two items are going to be delivered seperately or together. However, it has been marked online as delivered, but Apples delivery instructions suggest that items might be delivered with different delivery dates anyhow.

The device? It’s totally cool. It has the approval of the Wife for reading emails, without using the desktop computer. Retina display truly allows me to read my roleplaying PDFs one page at the time, and really be able to read the text like a printed product. Of course the children have fought over it, to play with it. Althought, my son said that Samsung Tab would have been better, with more excessive amount of free games. But, I went for the retina display. 😀

Oh, and this was written with it.

2 thoughts on “iPad for the family

  1. What !! you’ve bought an iProduct…. I reckon’ you’ll be replacing all those PC’s and linux laptops with more iProducts soon ?

    • Perhaps… I just love it. Made the last D&D session journal with it… I am hooked…

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