The Winter has come

The Winter is no longer coming. It’s already here. The white, eyes hurting white frozen powder, the snow is everywhere! Yesterday, it was only 16 degrees below the freezing point, and today only about ten.

Oddly, the commuter trains are today back on schedule. On Monday, the train stopped for almost forty minutes to wait its turn to get to the station! The damn blizzard. And it was all the time, only about 100 meters away from it. I just hate the Winter season.


Father’s day

The father’s day is gone, and I liked it. My little money eating monsters, my monsters, had prepared a superb breakfast for me. There were a serving of mudcake, coffee, orange juice, white bread with toppings, and several types of chocolate cookies. It made me happy! Thank you wife, for helping them out with it!

Autumn’s first snow

This morning the winter has come to the Southern Finland! It’s 4 Celsius degrees below zero. It’s freezing, and a little bit too hazard to cycle to the train station, but one’s need to go to work. Scenery is pretty everywhere, and virgin snow falling is so magically captivating. Still, I hate it, and snow in any form should be banned by the law!

My customer experience saved!

The pink Smart Cover arrived today with the regular mail, so no need to call or rant about it. Hooray! But, it would have been nice if there had been some clearer (for dummies) indication of two separate shipments.