Obawangchicheng got finished?

Well, it didn’t. The project is insane, but still slowly progressing. Here is a collage of pictures (360 °) of current status of the project. Oh, I have my both children now roaming the region with me, as I turned the world into an inhouse server.

Just a reminder, that every block is mined first, and then placed by hand one by one.

Where the blocks has gone?

The Obawangchicheng castle is so big that it is not possible to show it’s size through minecraft‘s own interfaces, so I had to use a map viewer (eihort) to get some pictures of it.

Frontside viewFrom south

SideviewFrom east. Note the massive desert area, which the castle will cover.

Elevation viewJust showing the castle elevation of the height and land it will cover.

So now you know where the blocks from leveled mountain has gone.

Mountain is gone

Some work in progress images for you. The mountain has been finally turned into building blocks, and the middle ring wall of south-western corner has been built. Also some progress with the main entrance has been made. Let the images speak for themselves.
The middle ring wall has replaced the mountainThe mountain has been replaced with a middle ring wall tower and wall.

Pasture for a cowA happy cow. (note that this image is taken from top of mountain which is going to be demolished at some point)

Although it is all a lieThe middle ring rises itself so high, that it covers the land below it.

Main entrance from shoreThe main entrance seen from opposite shore. On left can be seen the other mountain to be turned into building blocks. The wall goes through the mountain.

Main entrance without roofMain entrance without the roof and finished walls.

Over the seaOver the sea it is.