NuuksioCon 2014

It is in the past again. This year we played only the diceless Stalker roleplaying game. We also planned to play the last part of Babylon5 game started two years ago, but sadly it got cancelled at the last minute. The card gaming got more airtime! So the gaming continued with Bang! and Bilekuosi, with a new addition of a wonderful game called Cards Against Humanity. Based on the cards and amount played. We really are horrible people!

Cards Against Humanity


NuuksioCon 2013

It arrived this year a little bit earlier, just a week before Midsummer festivities. Weather was nice, food was meaty, and the company superb. However, all didn’t go as well as it should have.

From the bowels of mud, and hubris it will rise, some day...

From the bowels of mud, and hubris it will rise, some day…

This year I prepared to run a World of Darkness, Innocents -game. As a game it is interesting by replacing the protagonist adults with nine to twelve year old children who try to cope in the shadows, peculiarities and horrors of a more sinistern world than our own. The book is well written, and gives helpfull insight how child psyche works. All the nWoD rules required are in the book, and are tailored specifically for this kind of game.

However, our session failed for two reasons. Firstly, it was I who failed my players. I was too tired (had to be at work that day too) to focus, and therefore was not able to keep up the pace of the game, it to be interesting enough. Although it was not complete failure, as there were extremely good and interesting roleplaying going on.

Secondly, there are some players in our troupe that does not have children of their own. It is troublesome for them to try to roleplay a child, when their reference material is neglible in how children behave. For this game it is almost mandatory! But, it is not their fault. I gambled with this one, and lost.

Saturday’s planned first game was a sequel to our last years game Babylon 5, where we continued our efforts for campaigning Santiago to be re-elected as the president of the Earthgov against the xenophobic vice-president Clark. It was d20 goodiness, with so much freeform roleplaying, juiced up with good ideas, that it almost carried on by itself. Actually, for this game we were so spirited up, that we decided to continue it even further than it’s reserved time slot allowed, and ditched our planned third game in favor of it. No zombie survival, this year for my film critic character.

We had fun again with card games Bang! and Bilekuosi. Nothing new there.

The Black Whiskey Tower is Burning

The Black Whiskey Tower is Burning

Hopefully in the next NuuksioCon there will be:

Autumn has arrived

The most certain indicator for beginning of autumn, is the ending of NuuksioCon. And the constant raining. But, I think we had the best NuuksioCon ever. On all the three games: Call of Cthulhu, Scion: Hero, and on the site revealed mystery game scenario Babylon 5 – the Final Flight of Santiago, player’s went over the top, while showing their finest roleplaying talents. A new cardgame was tested: Ca$h ‘n Gun$, the Reservoir Dogs style loot redistribution game. The orange colored and foam made propguns gave the game the special touch, and made the gaming experience feel even more spectacular.

I personally ran the CoC game, and my players out did themselves again! It’s odd how
Basic RolePlaying system can turn a bunch of somewhat gamistic players into a freeform proactive improvising actors. Rollplayers where nowhere to be seen. All I needed to do while forwarding story, was little bit nudge there, and little bit fine tuning there. And yes, dynamite was used in the end to destroy the Neil’s Curiosity Shop building at Kingsport…

Scion, the Hero was extremely positive experience, as it allowed to me play a scion of a chaos god – the Susano-o! With appropriate powers for an anarchist punk. No astmathic schoolboy action! There are only few times in your gaming career, when you get to help Vakavanha Väinämöinen -the greatest shaman of the Finnish Kalevala folklore, speak with Antero Vipunen -giant, and help to defeat the evil Louhi, and her titan spawn Iku-Turso from the deep seas, for a simple thing like the Rhyme of Boat Making. The story was totally a kickass!

Babylon 5 game was a positive surprise. The game system was originally based on d20 and then transferred into OGL. I personally was little bit sceptical how it would turn out because of that, and expected some D&Dish space opera. But gladly, this scenario proved me wrong. We played the diplomatic retinue for a Presidental re-election tour in the year 2258 through known space, and we were confronted political issues, poll ratings and internal security problems during the flight. Sadly we couldn’d finish the scenario due to time limits, but hopefully we will continue it in the forthcoming NuuksioCon.

NuuksioCon 2012

It is that time of year again, when a group of roleplaying nerdies gather up for a full weekend, and go to the Finnish national park to roleplay. Let’s make this clear! No LARP! Pure old fashioned tabletop roleplaying, with snacks, meat and bewerages.

This year is also our Tenth Anniversary, of renting a cottage from the woods and playing there. No electrity, no water toalets, no TVs, no families, no distractions whatsoever. Just pens, papers and dice. Lets make this year special. Only seven days to go.

On this year’s menu we will have a Scion: Hero -game, Call of Cthulhu in the 1920s (run by me) -game, and some mystery game. Oh, I am so excited! I believe there will be some card playing with Bang! and Bilekuosi, too. There were also talks about trying out the Dungeons & Dragons playtest, if we have the time.